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Need an urgent mobile repair?  We can help you at anytime!

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We can be reached at 
+853-2835-4009 //

Macau shop address is: 

C/V Basement, Shop T, Ginza Plaza.,Nos. 1-5,Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, Macau

+853-2836-9518 //

Taipa shop address is: 

(Next to San Miu Supermarket)

Ground Floor, Shop T, Flower City Plaza,
Rua de Evora Nos. 318, Taipa

+853-2871-7832 //

Hac Sa Wan shop address is: 

(Next to Mannings Shop)

Rua 1 de Maio 213 Kwong Fok On Garden R/C BV Macau

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